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It is undeniable that Science is a subject that is difficult for most students. This is because a student has to understand and memorize a lot of concepts and facts. Therefore, getting a distinction in Science subject is a dream for most students.

To get high marks in any subjects, including science, students need to be diligent and hardworking by having to read and memorize the notes given by their teachers or from their textbooks. However, a thick textbook that contains hundreds or thousands of science keywords can kill the spirit of students interested in science.

Tired student at books


“Mind Map” is a tool to help you think and learn. Mind Map, developed by Tony Buzan is an effective method to make notes and useful for generating ideas by relevance.

To build a mind map, one must start in the middle of a page as the main title. Then it branches out in all directions to produce a growing and organized structure containing the keywords and key images.

An example of a mind map that I want to show is a mind map under the heading “Basic Needs”, a Science topic in the Primary School. Please, click the mind map below to have a closer look.

(click to enlarge image)
Note how easy it is for a student to see the main idea in the middle of the map branching into sub-topics that contain important keywords or phrases and important key images.
Keyword and key image

Reading the mind map is aided by the lettered and numbered labels on each branch so that the reading is in proper order and sequence. This is to ensure that the understanding of the facts are in accordance with the flow of the reading.

Note also that attractive color pictures related to the facts are placed adjacent to the keywords in order to strengthen the memory for the facts.

Labels in form of letters and numbers with pictures

You should have noticed that by observing the mind map as a whole, you have already been able to easily transfer the information into your mind. Thus, the information will be easily extracted as it has been “mapped” right into your mind.

Please watch the video below from Tony Buzan, the Mind Map creator.


In the process of teaching and learning, mind mapping has been recognized to be very effective in classroom use. I’ve been using mind maps that I’ve created myself since the last 5 years in my classroom. Based on my experience, I’ve found that teaching becomes much easier and faster. This is because, the mind maps that I’ve prepared and distributed to the students, automatically become their notes without having them making their own.

Using the LCD projector in the science lab really helps me to present all the facts and graphics easily. With the “zoom” facility, small diagrams and texts that are not clear can be easily enlarged.


  • Eliminate difficulties in learning. Increase enjoyment in the process of learning, revising and taking exams. Give confidence to students on their ability to learn any subject.
  • Facilitate the students to remember facts after their minds have been mapped. Increase the ability and capacity of memory.
  • Help to see the whole chapter clearly. Can understand all the relevant facts. Able to review the lessons quickly.
  • Train the mind to find solutions to perform any work systematically.
  • Facilitate the planning of a task from start to finish in just a piece of paper.
  • Help to deliver any form of information clearly and precisely.



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“Mind Maps For Primary Science E-Book” has been consuming my time over a year to produce. This is because I only wrote it during my free time after busy hours at school. It is time consuming because of the references that I need to do in choosing right keywords and the corresponding key graphics. Finding, selecting and editing the pictures until they are suitable to be placed in a Mind Map is a complicated job. This is to ensure that your Mind Maps for your children are of the best quality. I believe that “Mind Maps For Primary Science E-Book” that I have produced is better and more complete than anything that is in the market.
Download went smoothly. Your explanations help me a lot. Have you written any books to go with your mind maps? Your mind maps are the best.

– “George, London”

Mind Maps For Primary Science E-Book

An “E-Book” or electronic book is not a physical book. It is simply a document computer file in PDF format. It can only be opened and printed by any PDF reader.The above image just shows how the book will look like when it is printed and bound.


Please browse through a few mind maps that you can get from the “Mind Maps For Primary Science E-Book” below by simply clicking them. Make sure your computer is already installed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Give ample time for the files to download into your computer. You are welcome to print them to see the mind maps on paper.


Life Processes
The Earth And The Universe


The Earth, The Moon and The Sun
Survival Of The Species
The Earth, The Moon and The Sun


Interaction Among Living Things


To view the entire E-Book, you can click at the graphic below. Give time for all the pages to download. You can flip the pages by dragging the mouse on each page. Please note that the pages that are going to be shown are in low resolution for fast downloading. The actual E-book is in PDF format with high resolution pages like the samples shown above.


According to research, a student’s memory will decrease after a certain time. Therefore, it is important for a student who has had a mind map, revise his mind map from time to time. It is proposed that a student revises his lessons 1 hour after his lessons. The aim is for the student to began mapping his mind with the information he had learned.

The first review may take some time as the information and facts are new. The next revision should be done the next day. In this second revision, the student had begun to remember more facts, since more branches of the mind maps are being “printed” onto his mind. The time for the review will be shorter because his memory is getting better. The next revision will enhance his memory in a shorter time.

If a student continually revise his mind map, it is not impossible that he can map out 100 percent of the information in his mind. Before the examination, he only needs to make a quick review to enhance his memory. During the examination, any information which he had saved will be “flowing out” of his mind with speed when it is needed.

I was one of the users of ‘The Mind Map For Primary Science E-Book’. It is very suitable and useful for students who will be sitting for the UPSR exam because it is easy to use (user friendly), helps us to remember facts and do revision quickly before the exams.The order of the facts are very well presented and I am learning much easier. As a result, I have managed to get A in Science UPSR. God willing, friends out there, you have nothing to lose buying ‘The Mind Maps For Primary Science E-Book’. I wish to thank the teacher who wrote and publish this E-Book.



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 “Mind Maps For Secondary Science E-book” are mind maps for your children in the secondary schools.
Please view some mind maps from the “Mind Maps For Secondary Science E-Book” below. Click each image to see the actual mind maps in PDF format. Print them to see the mind maps on paper.


Variety Of Resources On Earth
Sources Of Energy


The World Through Our Senses
Support And Movement


Generation Of Electricity

Mind Maps For Secondary Science E-Book

Contains 84 Mind Maps From 27 Topics

Click the picture above to view the whole E-Book.
Give time for all pages to download.

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It’s worth it! Now I can help my child in front of the computer to revise her Science lessons although I have long left it. Searching for information using a mind map is just like finding your information at your fingertips. When I sat down with her to help the review, I have the feeling that I am beginning to have a greater interest in learning science again!

Ustaz Aziz, “Father to Ummu Shahirah”

I love to do the science revision in computer because of color pictures are clear and attractive. Memorizing is fun now!. If I go to school, I will bring my printed mind maps for revision. God willing I am determined to get an “A” in Science after having this mind maps.

Ummu Shahirah, “Student”

I love to read the Mind Maps of Primary Science after my father bought it and print into a book form for me. With my mind maps, it is easier to memorize and review. Every day I open the book to read a mind map . Although some topics have not been taught yet in the class, I already have understood them.

Muhammad Yusuf, “Student”