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It’s worth it! Now I can help my child in front of the computer to revise her Science lessons although I have long left it. Searching for information using a mind map is just like finding your information at your fingertips. When I sat down with her to help the review, I have the feeling that I am beginning to have a greater interest in learning science again!

Ustaz Aziz, “Father to Ummu Shahirah”
I love to do the science revision in computer because of color pictures are clear and attractive. Memorizing is fun now!. If I go to school, I will bring my printed mind maps for revision. God willing I am determined to get an “A” in Science after having this mind maps.

Ummu Shahirah, “Student”
I love to read the Mind Maps of Primary Science after my father bought it and print into a book form for me. With my mind maps, it is easier to memorize and review. Every day I open the book to read a mind map . Although some topics have not been taught yet in the class, I already have understood them.

Muhammad Yusuf, “Student”
I was one of the users of ‘The Mind Map For Primary Science E-Book’. It is very suitable and useful for students who will be sitting for the UPSR exam because it is easy to use (user friendly), helps us to remember facts and do revision quickly before the exams.The order of the facts are very well presented and I am learning much easier. As a result, I have managed to get A in Science UPSR. God willing, friends out there, you have nothing to lose buying ‘The Mind Maps For Primary Science E-Book’. I wish to thank the teacher who wrote and publish this E-Book.

Nurul (Straight A’s)
Download went smoothly. Your explanations help me a lot. Have you written any books to go with your mind maps? Your mind maps are the best.
George – London